Advicent announces responsive retooling of flagship financial …

an industry-leading financial planning technology provider, has
introduced revised tax calculations to its best-in-class financial
planning software, NaviPlan. These revisions reflect the tax code
changes introduced by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA), and
NaviPlan now empowers advisors with the choice of planning for the law’s
sunset provisions or not.

In addition to these changes, the latest release offers improved goal
reporting functionality and additional client report options.
Additionally, Advicent has updated the Narrator® Clients
portal with the new “explore your options” functionality and enhanced
net worth listings.

“In the face of changing regulation and client expectations, Advicent
provides technology solutions that enable advisors to give the most
accurate recommendations possible while enhancing the overall
client-advisor relationship,” said John Heinen, chief technology officer
at Advicent. “The updates in NaviPlan 18.0 and its client portal empower
advisors to complete a detailed analysis of every client’s financial
situation; provide easy-to-understand information and advice; and give
their clients access to their plan information 24/7, reinforcing a
deeper, trusting client-advisor relationship.”

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 2018 U.S. federal tax updates

Income tax calculations are updated per the TCJA as well as values
provided by the IRS for 2018. As part of the TCJA enhancements, users
are able to plan for the act’s changes to sunset as legislated, or
assume they will continue indefinitely. This same support is added to
the Scenario Manager.

Some of the key changes to 2018 federal taxes include:

  • Tax brackets and rates
  • Standard deductions
  • Personal exemptions
  • Capital gain tax rates
  • Business and estate tax changes

2018 Canada federal and provincial tax updates

Federal and provincial tax calculations in NaviPlan now provide the most
up-to-date analysis. Some of the keys changes include:

  • Federal

    • Tax brackets
    • Tax rates
    • Tax credits
    • Changes to RRSP limits and CPP/QPP benefits
    • 2018 Eligible and Non-Eligible Tax Credits
  • Provincial

    • Tax brackets
    • Tax rates
    • Tax credits
    • Bracket changes to British Columbia and Quebec rates, including
      Quebec Health Services Fund

New client reports in NaviPlan

NaviPlan includes several new client reports available in both the U.S.
and Canada, each going into various detail on asset allocation earning
rates, class weightings, and questionnaire responses.

  • “Range of Returns” report: This updated report
    provides clients with insight into the potential range of their
    account returns over the course of multiple years. The report can be
    used as an explanation for how returns vary throughout a plan’s life.
  • “Current Portfolio Breakdown” report: This report
    lists how asset holdings fit into the various asset classes available
    within NaviPlan. The report helps clients understand which asset
    classes make up their portfolio and how much of it is weighted into
    each one.
  • “Risk Tolerance Analysis” report: This report
    aggregates a client’s risk tolerance questionnaire in the modern style
    of client reports. This report acts as a great reference for clients
    who may be wondering why their return rates have changed in an
    alternative scenario on various client reports.

“Explore your options” and enhanced net worth listings in Narrator

“Explore your options” is a new feature in the client
portal that empowers clients to analyze different tactics and
develop a strategy for accomplishing their financial goals.
When a plan has been published to the Narrator Clients
portal, clients can navigate to the “goals” page and adjust
variables such as goal date, lump sum savings, monthly
savings, and goal expenses to see how simple but strategic changes
can impact their financial success.

Additionally, Narrator Clients now includes an itemized list of all
qualified and non-qualified accounts, assets, and liabilities. The net
worth listing gives clients a better understanding of the factors
contributing to their net worth, and serves as a quick resource for
review or comparison.

Other improvements

For information regarding all other improvements to the NaviPlan
platform and its client portal in both the U.S. and Canada, visit
the Advicent website

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