Pins on Pinterest: Beat the chaos with a new bullet journal

While I am not at all artistic, not a doodler and not talented in beautiful lettering, I do love journaling and list making. So, naturally, I love the idea of bullet journaling. This new trend for quick, short, daily jotting down of ideas, doodles and lists is perfect for busy women who want to capture every day’s moments, but just simply don’t have the time for lengthy diary entries.

Always looking for ideas, I noticed there were many free printables ready to be printed off and added into either your existing journal binder or even glued into your planner. Here are a few great ideas — everything from writing prompts to get the creative juices flowing to coloring pages that incorporate goals for the year to daily and weekly planners. For more ideas, visit our Ultimate Organizing board on Pinterest.

Writing prompts

When working on a goal to write in your journal daily, it’s often difficult to come up with topics when your days has been just average and ordinary. While you might not want to regurgitate your daily chore list in your journal, there are some days when you need a little creative journaling inspiration. That’s where creative writing prompts come in handy.

When considering writing prompts, you could seek out different themes. For instance, if your bullet journal for 2018 is centered around gratitude, then seek out writing prompts that compel you to document your thoughts about how you are thankful. Be sure to have fun with your prompts, too. Add in ideas like “Favorite places to eat,” “Best movies I’ve seen,” ‘10 little-known facts about me,” “My dream vacation” or “My strengths.”

Yearly goals

If your New Year kicked off with a list of resolutions, take some time to incorporate those goals into your daily or weekly bullet journaling. If weight loss, exercise, developing a new talent, saving money or cutting out bad habits is part of your resolution plans this year, develop a tracker into your doodling or list making.

I’ve been tracking my weight loss for the last year and I’m hoping to ramp up my intake of protein every day. So I might jot down a new protein-rich recipe every day that I can reference when looking for something new. I can also track my water intake and exercise, too, in my journal. Doodling little water glasses, I can color in each glass I drink throughout the day. Or draw out a set of dumbbells for every workout.

Planner pages

Despite fully embracing the convenience and alerts provided by my iPhone’s calendar, I still love a hardcopy version of a planner. There’s something relaxing and fulfilling about filling in all those events into a physical calendar, writing down task lists, developing goals and just capturing thoughts, quotes and memories in a book.

Once upon a time, I used to invest a lot of money into fancy, detailed planners, complete with deluxe leather binders. I’ve recently loved the idea of downloading free printable versions of planners. Not only can I save money, but I can try out a variety of planner styles and options before I fully commit to one particular format. Find one you like, print out your pages and then find a cute binder, or dust off one of those old, fancy ones.

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